What to Do if AirPrint Printers are Not Found Get Help with Your Hewlett Packard Support

AirPrint is an essential Apple technology that lets you print from an iOS or Mac device to a compatible printer without configuring it. However, AirPrint is an integrated print solution for Apple computers and mobile devices. However, most HP printers work with Apple AirPrint technology to provide a high-quality print solution without a printer driver installed. But sometimes, when the print job starts with your AirPrint compliant printer, you may receive an “No AirPrint Printer Found” error message. You will see a primary malfunction if your HP printer and device are on another wireless network. So don’t worry! When you see that AirPrint is not working, check your wireless network and make sure the same Wi-Fi network is used on both devices. You can get an effective and efficient Hewlett Packard printer support number for possible solution to this problem. We have a team of talented technical experts to help you at an affordable price. You can also read this blog post on the chalkboard for effective troubleshooting instructions.

Measurements Should be Made if AirPrint Printers are Not Found

Here are the steps you should follow if your AirPrint printers do not work or if you do not find AirPrint printers when printing. Look at the production lines and follow them for you:
 1: Confirm the printer and iDevice to connect to a similar Wi-Fi network

First, make sure you are not printing from a public network, as AirPrint is not compatible with a printer that uses a public wireless network to connect. Therefore, when trying to create a font via public WiFi, there is a great chance to handle the “Can’t find AirPrint printer” problem. Therefore, before printing, make sure that the device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod and the printer are connected to the 802.11 private wireless network.
Note: If you need any help regarding Hewlett Packard support services you can visit hp.com/support.

 2: confirm that the unit meets the following requirements:

  •     Apple runs an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch iOS 4.2 or later
  •     AirPrint and multitasking are available on all iPad, iPhone 3GS or later and third generation or later iPod touch models
  •     The application is compatible with AirPrint.

To get instant help please click here Hewlett Packard customer support number 1-855-567-7243.
 3: Check out simple things

  •     Make sure there is a small amount of paper in a tray for an HP printer and make sure the ink or toner for the printer is not  empty.
  •     Make sure the printer is HP. If the printer is running, turn it off and on again to see if the simple step solves the problem.
  •     Make sure there are no error messages on the printer control panel.
  •     Move the router closer to the printer, but not less than 6 feet from the router.
  •     Make sure the airplane mode is turned off.
  •     Make sure the printer does not enable the wireless connection.
  •     Turn your iPhone or iPad off and on.
  •     Make sure AirPrint is enabled in the printer settings.

Get hp.com/support for practical guidelines

If you are not satisfied with the troubleshooting procedures listed above and continue to receive the same error message “Cannot find an AirPrint printer” when printing the document. So relax and call a toll free number. One of our Hewlett Packard support technicians will answer your call and provide reliable hp.com/support service at home for your related problems.

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