Install HP Printer and configure it With Help of Hewlett Packard Support Team

Install HP Printer and configure it With Help of Hewlett Packard Support Team

  •      Unpack the print. There are two installation discs in the computer for the Mac and Windows packaging printer. If you do not have an installation disc, you can download the latest printer software from the official Hewlett Packard website.
  •     Use the power cord to connect the version of the outlet. Then turn on the printer.
  •     Choose your language and press Yes. Confirm your country and region in the next step and confirm Yes.
  •     Set the date and press Continue and also click Follow the next step.
  •     The people in the next step will ask you how you want to sign up
  •     When you try to install the printer at home or in a small company, we recommend that you select the management option and press.
  •     Carefully open the cartridge access door and insert the cartridge that has the quick print and close the access door.
  •     The printer now checks the cartridge and returns it for paper, cancels printing. Try loading, correctly loading, inserting and closing the test.
  •     Touch OK and continue with the printer to start the startup process. Now the printer checks the paper and gives a print page.

Your version now asks you to visit to download and configure the printer driver.
Install the HP printer on a computer –

You can always download the HP printer driver from or

Follow these steps to install

If you can connect your computer to the version used If you do not leave it

  •     Open your browser like Chrome. Firefox or Internet Explorer and type in URL and press Enter.
  •     Download the printer software, run the software and uninstall the application.
  •     Now Easy Hp Easy Utilities helps you to connect Print Wireless and you can register your product.
  •     View the terms and conditions and click Continue. Select Enable automatic HP wireless connection and click Continue.
  •     Now the installation program Your connector is connected and configured with the same network to which your PC is connected.
  •     Click Continue and now download and install the latest Hp utility driver.
  •     Easy Start Hp facilitates installation. Follow the included steps.
  •     Setup Scanner, fax or anything can be installed

Don’t forget to register your product and click on the installation.

You can also connect the printer to a wireless router using the Steps manual via the Interactive Printer screen.

Setup HP Printer Yourself

Respond below and let us know if you need more help installing an HP printer.

Go to Settings and Settings Click on WLAN settings and search for available networks.

Confirm your wireless router and enter your web password and connect your printer to the wireless network.

Now add your printer to your computer and start printing.
In case you are still facing HP printer installing error you can dial Hewlett Packard printer support number 1-855-567-7243 or chat with expert.

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