What to Do if the HP Printer is Displayed Offline?

Printer offline fix

Printer offline display is a common problem. There are many reasons why the printer may go offline, such as putting it online, etc. The problem can be easily solved at the same time, and sometimes the repair process can be a bit frustrating and may require professional help. Here are some steps for solving offline printer problems:

1) Restart the System

  •     The easiest way to get the printer online is to restart the system.
  •     A reset can solve many problems with a printer that suddenly appears offline.
  •     Press and hold the power button on the printer until it turns off, or remove the power cord from the printer.
  •     Reconnect and press the “power button”.
  •     At this point, wait for a while to completely restart the printer
  •     Try to print the document again. If it works, the offline printer issue is resolved.

2) Check Connection Problems:

  •     A printer can also be disconnected if the connection to the computer is lost.
  •     The printer is connected to the computer via a USB cable.
  •     Solve the problem offline by unplugging it and reconnecting it to a different USB port.

3) Solve the Paper Jam Problem

  •     A paper jam in the printer can be one of the reasons to ask questions about putting the printer online.
  •     Remove faults safely and install correctly
  •     Confirm if ink and toner are empty.
  •     Replace the empty toner cartridges to resolve the offline printer problem.

4) Set the Default Printer

  •     The offline printer decides not to reset the printer and checks for connection problems and paper jams.
  •     Reset the default printer to fix the problem.
  •     Go to the “Devices and Printers” options and check the “Use an offline printer” box.
  •     Install the latest printer driver.

After doing these steps i am sure your printer is online now. In case you need any help regarding printer offline fix issue, you can call our printer offline put online support toll free number now and fix printer offline issue.

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