The Hewlett Packard Printer Cannot be Connected to the Computer – Fix It Now

The Hewlett Packard printer cannot connect to the PC: why does my printer not connect to the PC? The reasons are different. Ultimately, the USB connection is faulty or the computer does not recognize the printer. The printer driver can be a big problem. Regardless of whether the problem is suddenly related to the printer or never worked on the system, you can try the corresponding answers to fix your problem. Here in this blog we will help you solve your problem. Hewlett Packard printer cannot be connected to PC.

Always ask a professional support service to solve all kinds of technical problems. Our company is a high-tech experienced technical support service provider. We are a certified company and are always ready to solve your technology problems with simple methods. Many HP printer users report that the HP printer cannot be connected to a computer

Call Hewlett-Packard support to to Fix HP Printers Error

Method: 1 Check the Hewlett Packard Printer Connection

1. Restart the Hewlett Packard Printer

Turn off the power and then turn on the printer to restart it. Wait a while for it to be fully prepared.

2. Check the Connection Problem

If the connection is connected to the printer, make sure that the connection is not damaged and that it forms a solid and efficient interface. Likewise, check the USB port and clean the ports in case something in the port prevents the USB connection. If your printer is paired via a remote system or Bluetooth, follow the manual that came with your device to properly connect your printer using WiFi or Bluetooth.

3. Check the System Link

Since system problems can cause the printer to disconnect, make sure that your Internet connection is working while using the printer.

Method: 2 Update the HP Print Driver

The missing printer driver may have a related problem so you should confirm that the printer driver is the latest state of the art.

Not only can every printer driver be updated to the latest module to fix any imaginary printer problem such as printer, no print, printer error, etc., but it also provides your favorite experience.

There are two different ways to update the printer driver: physically and accordingly.

Manual: You can physically download the printer driver from the manufacturer and install it on your computer. Guaranteed to download the last perfect module that is perfect for your Windows framework. Since this is different from the manufacturer and printer models, we will not distribute it here.

Automatic – If you don’t have the time or perseverance, you can do it accordingly with Easy Driver.

Method: 3 Troubleshoot the Printer

You can also try to analyze the search engine and troubleshoot the printer. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the Control Panel on your computer and display it with giant symbols or small symbols.
  • Click Devices and Printers.
  • Find your printer, right-click the printer (it may appear here and there as Not Specified) and select Troubleshoot.
  • Let your computer find the problem and follow the onscreen instructions to fix it.

Method: 4 Restart the Spooler Service

  • On the system keyboard, press the Windows key and the R logo simultaneously to bring up the Run box.
  • Type services.msc and click OK.
  • Scroll down to learn more about managing Print Spooler.
  • If management is running, right-click the management and select Stop, then right-click the management and press Start to restart management.
  • If the company does not work properly, right-click on company and select Start to run the company.
  • Restart your computer and try the printer again to see if the printer is connected.

Here are the methods that can solve the problem: You cannot connect an HP printer to a computer. Meanwhile, according to the previous steps In case you need any help regarding Hewlett Packard printer errors you canon Visit the Hewlett Packard support and chat with expert team.

How to Fix HP Envy7155 Printer Print Nothing

The HP Envy Photo 7155 printer is a device known for good print quality and efficient printing. It is effective because it does not take much time to scan and print copies. In addition, the HP Envy Photo 7155 printer has a very user-friendly printer, which makes it a printer recommended by various users and technicians.

However, sometimes even the most popular printers, such as the HP Envy Photo 7155 printer, have performance issues. Blank page printing is a common problem with such printers. The HP Envy Photo 7155 printer that prints blank pages does not have to worry the user as only the user can easily solve it.

This is a common problem and in the steps we will discuss what can be done to prevent the HP Envy Photo 7155 printer from printing blank pages.

However, if there are more errors in the operation of printers, you can always contact customer service. Many Hewlett Packard support numbers are also available on the website.

Another thing you can do is visit the printer’s website and read the printer’s FAQs for device support.

Empty ink cartridge

The first thing to do when the Hewlett Packard Envy Photo 7155 printer prints blank pages is to make sure you check the empty ink cartridge, and then replace it.

In such cases, it is ideal to do that when a printer starts to print the faded ink, it should replace the ink properly so that it does not work. Try this first as it is a common cause of the Hewlett Packard Envy Photo 7155 printer that prints blank pages.

Check the Paper Tray

Sometimes an HP Envy Photo 7155 printer can print blank pages due to a paper tray error. Make sure the paper is the same size as the tray. The drawer must also be correctly positioned and not deformed.
Make sure the nozzle of the printer is not blocked. When this is done, you can stop printing blank pages.

Printer Driver Software

Ensure that a driver is installed on the HP Envy Photo 7155 printer, otherwise install it from the by typing the printer name correctly. You can also try updating the printer driver. If the problem persists, you can uninstall it and reinstall it.

Remove Other Devices

Make sure the HP Envy Photo 7155 printer is the only connected device. Go to devices and printers and remove any other connected printers or other devices and try to print again.

To Update

You can also try firmware and update the printer software. Ensure that all cables are properly connected to the working HP Envy Photo 7155 printer.

 If the HP Envy printer does not printer anything you can call Hewlett Packard support number and ask the expert for help.

How to Use HP Smart App and Configure it on Your System

The HP Smart app settings are highly recommended for anyone using an HP printer. This is a configuration that will also facilitate the use of an HP printer.

Download the HP Smart app settings to your device, as it is very useful for many things. You can use it to properly check printer settings and other options on your device. Provides and can monitor notification settings.

This is a unique application created with the needs of most customers in mind. You can easily link the HP Smart app settings to the Android mechanism and act accordingly. The steps to do this are also quite simple and easy to do.

You can install it on most of your devices, including Android devices. The good thing is that it can be downloaded to various devices such as computers, tablets and other mobile devices. It also has many features available in the HP Smart Application settings.
Take advantage of this by downloading this specific layout.

  • How do I download the configuration procedure for HP Smart Application
  • First, go to the configuration option on your link page.
  • From there, you need to download and install the HP Smart app settings correctly.
  • Click the download link and wait for the settings to download correctly to your device.
  • The icon is available on the main settings screen of the HP Smart app.
  • Click on this icon and open settings.
  • Then click on the name of the connected printer and click on it.
  • Next, you need to click on the printer configuration option listed there.
  • Here you should print the option where possible.
  • This can be options, settings or services. In one of these places.
  • You must click and enable this print option anywhere in the HP Smart app configuration system.
  • You can now try to make various proofs to see if it works.
  • You can choose from many functions that are included in the maneuver options in the HP Smart App settings.

We hope you find a solution to your printer problems. Our employees are always available for problems with the printer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call our Hewlett Packard support phone number 1-844-918-3323.

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Find Out Why you Need Hewlett Packard Support and How you Can Benefit from Hewlett Packard Printer Support

Having a printer at home is a luxury until it becomes a nightmare and no longer works properly. There is nothing more annoying than paper jams, poor print quality or connection problems with your computer, mobile device or tablet.

Is your printer no longer working? Do you want to correct the print quality? Not sure why you cannot print from your smartphone or tablet? Hewlett Packard printer support provides solutions to these and other problems.

In this case, you can call the HP printer support and find the best solution to the printer problem.

When the Customer Needs Hewlett Packard Support

Here are some conditions under which a customer should call the HP support number

  • The paper jams in the printout.
  • The printer does not turn it on
  • Align lines and colors in the patterns.
  • The machine does not recognize the printer.
  • Error or alarm message.
  • The print color is poor.
  • The character is unclear or spotted.
  • When the consumer is replaced, the printer does not print yet.
  • The printer returns a blank page after printing.
  • The printer software is not working properly.

Why Does the Customer Need Hewlett Packard Support?

In terms of customer service and support, the name Hewlett Packard stands out from the crowd. From troubleshooting to restoring customers on any computer, Hewlett Packard customer support is arguably one of the best in the world. With a long tradition of innovation, HP goes to great lengths to ensure that no stones are left untouched to help customers.

For technology enthusiasts, the daily issues of a product or software are trivial to say the least, but we should be aware that there are those who rely on prompt professional support to help them solve their problems. This is a problem with hardware or software failures. In addition to helpline and email support, the company provides its users with free tools to diagnose the problem and provides staff with feedback to resolve the issue faster.

If you are looking for a faster way to solve your problem, HP also has dedicated support centers.

Because of the tendency to establish a human connection, many people prefer a practical approach to the situation. Their main goal is customer satisfaction. They also provide business support to organizations and industries that need ongoing help for smooth operation. That said, while innovation is at the forefront of the company, it is their constant and sustained value that puts its customers first that sets them apart from the rest.

How HP Helps its Customers

The HP support number for the printer can solve the HP printer installation and configuration problem. The Hewlett Packard support team is experienced in troubleshooting the HP printer. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to solve any type of printer problem. For more information, please contact them.


Therefore, to resolve HP printer problems, call the Hewlett Packard support number for the printer and troubleshoot the problem.

What to Do if the HP Printer is Displayed Offline?

Printer offline fix

Printer offline display is a common problem. There are many reasons why the printer may go offline, such as putting it online, etc. The problem can be easily solved at the same time, and sometimes the repair process can be a bit frustrating and may require professional help. Here are some steps for solving offline printer problems:

1) Restart the System

  •     The easiest way to get the printer online is to restart the system.
  •     A reset can solve many problems with a printer that suddenly appears offline.
  •     Press and hold the power button on the printer until it turns off, or remove the power cord from the printer.
  •     Reconnect and press the “power button”.
  •     At this point, wait for a while to completely restart the printer
  •     Try to print the document again. If it works, the offline printer issue is resolved.

2) Check Connection Problems:

  •     A printer can also be disconnected if the connection to the computer is lost.
  •     The printer is connected to the computer via a USB cable.
  •     Solve the problem offline by unplugging it and reconnecting it to a different USB port.

3) Solve the Paper Jam Problem

  •     A paper jam in the printer can be one of the reasons to ask questions about putting the printer online.
  •     Remove faults safely and install correctly
  •     Confirm if ink and toner are empty.
  •     Replace the empty toner cartridges to resolve the offline printer problem.

4) Set the Default Printer

  •     The offline printer decides not to reset the printer and checks for connection problems and paper jams.
  •     Reset the default printer to fix the problem.
  •     Go to the “Devices and Printers” options and check the “Use an offline printer” box.
  •     Install the latest printer driver.

After doing these steps i am sure your printer is online now. In case you need any help regarding printer offline fix issue, you can call our printer offline put online support toll free number now and fix printer offline issue.

How to Configure and Install the Hewlett Packard Printer in Windows

Do you need to learn how to configure and install the HP printer in Windows? Printer settings are critical for excellent output and maximum efficiency. There are several ways to configure the HP printer in Windows. Therefore, this is necessary to know how to set up their respective Hewlett Packard printers for work. The different layers of HP printers are:

  •     USB connection to your PC
  •     Wireless connection (Wi-Fi) to your computer (wireless printer required)
  •     Cabling to your computer

How do I configure and install the HP printer in Windows?

Perform the configuration correctly for the system after the configuration is compatible with the system requirements and according to your requirements. The printer is an important peripheral accessory for any system, the device for the printer to print your document correctly.

Method 1: Connect USB to your PC

You can connect your Hewlett Packard printer with a USB cable.

1) Turn on your PC and HP printer.

2) Use a USB cable to connect the USB port to the back of your HP printer and computer.

Method 2: Wireless (Wi-Fi) connection to your computer

If your HP printer is turned on wirelessly, you can connect your printer to your network using the guided wireless printer setup wizard.

1) Enable it for Hewlett Packard printer, router and computer.

2) Remove any external device from your HP printer.

3) Make sure your computer is connected to the same wireless network that you are connecting the printer to.

Method 3: wired connection to your computer

You can connect your HP printer and computer to your router with a standard Ethernet cable.

1) Turn on your HP printer.

2) Remove all plugs from the Ethernet port (the port with the logo) on the back of your printer.

3) Use the Ethernet cable to connect the printer port and the available port to your router.

Set up the HP printer by calling HP printer Customer Service Phone Number + 1-855-567-7243

To find a printer repair service or get online help setting up an HP printer and other Windows error messages, we are available 24 hours a day with an excellent HP printer support service. Simply call our Hewlett-Packard support toll-free number 1-855-567-7243 and avoid picking up patch cables or taking over your networks.

How to Contact Hewlett Packard Support Team Through Chat

Recent Topics in the Hewlett Packard customer’s Chat Window

Ink will be requested as soon as possible. Replace the replacement ink as soon as possible. Our service has been discontinued, we need to restore it. I received no replacement ink and sent the old inks many months ago. C … I’m trying to copy a letter. I have * HP Office Jet **** NY and FL. * Yes … They tell me “the mentioned cartridges are not intended for use in this printer … I tried to fix an issue with the white screen that worked but now my screen appears for you … Server support Our client server has a possible failure in the storage server … I cannot connect my phone to the configured HP Wi-Fi printer I have the router and printer … When I try to print, the LEDs light up in colored ink * turn it on and wear a black ink lamp or … I want to pay my $ **. monthly service fees and repairs on my Visa credit card … I’m trying to get a battery to charge my HP *** G * My HP printer is not working **** answers I tried to print multiple times * saying that …

Chat with Hewlett Packard Customer Service

Chat live with HP by following these instructions. For more tips and tricks, let us know what kind of problem you want to send to HP. Usually we can contribute to a better result. This is the best way to chat with HP live as he has used and told us about 75,792 customers in the past 18 months. Live chat is a great way to get a human agent to talk about the customer service issue quickly, and waiting times are often shorter than phone support. But sometimes a call is difficult or not, in which case Hewlett Packard would rather call its phone number and provide a link above. The chat windows section at is used to manage returns and repairs, technical support, warranty claims, chargebacks, device support and other customer service issues. When you chat with HP agents, they are more likely to chat with you from your call center in India or the Philippines. Live chat is rarely available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and this section is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s hard to know if companies like HP are offering customer support through live chat, so we started collecting this information and the best alternatives from customers like you. Keep sharing what you know about how to contact Hewlett Packard through printer support and keep sharing with others to make customer service less frustrating.

Are Hewlett Packard Support Connected?

The printer and HP support are not related. Printer support has been a customer advice sharing forum since the early 2000s and remains a resource for more than 50 million customers in the United States. United States Every year, as well as consumers around the world. Help us create better tools and information for consumers like you by sharing!

Please Contact Hewlett Packard Customer Support Number

While HP offers live chat to get help, it also has a phone number. In total there are 11 ways to contact them. Hewlett Packard support phone number is chat customer service, you can find the details and use our free call back service by finding and clicking the link above. Do you know of any other ways to contact HP? Or is any of the above information incorrect? Let us know so that we can continue to share the best possible information with other customers.

How do I Download My Hewlett Packard Software?

When someone buys an HP printer, they first download and install their driver. Therefore, they establish a connection between the computer and the printer. If you are someone who recently added a new printer to your home, you will need to download the driver to your system. To this end, available HP customer support staff can assist you every step of the way.

To download the driver, you must have some details about the HP printer, such as product name, model ID and version of the Windows operating system

 Download and Install the Hewlett Packard Printer Driver on your Windows OS:

  •     First, make sure you are logged into the computer with an administrator account. If not, just remember the credentials of the admin account.
  •     After receiving the details of your printer and Windows operating system, visit the Hewlett Packard support website or Call Hewlett Packard Support number.
  •     Here you need to go to the printer drivers section.
  •     When you are on the right side of the site, search for the driver of your HP printer.
  •     From the many download options, choose the appropriate HP printer driver installation package to download for your Windows PC.
  •     After the download is complete, locate the .EXE file in the download folder
  •     Double click on this .EXE file or right click to run it.
  •     Now you need to complete the onscreen instructions to complete the installation

After following these steps, you will certainly be able to download and install the Hewlett Packard printer driver on your Windows PC. In addition, HP drivers provide regular updates to simplify service life. So, to know how to update the printer driver, just look at the steps below.

Learn how to update HP printer drivers with Windows Device Manager

  •     Open the Run from Computer dialog box by pressing Windows key + R.
  •     In the Run dialog box, type “devmgmt.msc” and tap OK to open Device Manager.
  •     The Device Manager window opens and looks like “print queues” or “printers”
  •     Expand the Printer or Printer Queue category and receive your printer.
  •     Right-click the printer, and then click Update Driver in the menu list.
  •     Tap “Auto Search” to update the driver
  •     When the printer driver is updated, you are notified and you do not need to update the Hewlett Packard printer driver. Otherwise, Device Manager will download and install the latest driver.
  •     Install the computer immediately after installing the printer driver for the changes to take effect.

Hopefully, these steps will help you download, install, and update the Hewlett Packard printer driver on your Windows system. However, if you are unable to perform these steps or install the drivers, we recommend that you contact the experts of the Hewlett Packard Support Team 24 × 7 is available to provide the best possible resolution.

Get the Excellent Technical Support for Hewlett Packard Devices

HP is the famous maker for printer design, laptop, controller, desktop computer and others. It is the most famous name among the people of today. Each device has been designed with excellent functions and specifications. Users have specific problems when using HP devices. If problems occur on the device, you can contact the support team immediately. You can get the immediate solution by contacting Hewlett Packard support. We will certainly offer the best support to users who have the problem on the device. We offer the right solution that solves problems on your HP device.

Solutions for Any Type of HP Device:

We are the professionals we know to manage devices in a simple way. You can find the best help for your problem and remove it quickly. You can guarantee the best device performance with us.

Support for HP drivers:

The driver must be installed on the system. Professionals assist in configuring the driver to operate the printer without problems. Our professionals have years of experience in the sector and know the best software that is needed for the driver. You can get the right steps to install the driver on the system.

Hewlett Packard Laptop Support:

Everyone wants to use the laptop for different reasons. Laptops come with high-tech functions that attract shoppers. Hewlett Packard laptop support resolve software and hardware issues. We offer an immediate network solution and problems with low speed.

Hewlett Packard Printer Support:

The printer is now the required device for every organization. It is very useful for commercial and personal purposes. Many problems can occur while working with the printer. Support for HP printers offers the complete solution for all major problems. Users get the solution to the problem of HP renewal, slow performance, printing errors, print quality and more.

Users follow appropriate steps to solve long-term problems. You can use the perfect cartridges and get high-quality prints.

Install HP Printer and configure it With Help of Hewlett Packard Support Team

Install HP Printer and configure it With Help of Hewlett Packard Support Team

  •      Unpack the print. There are two installation discs in the computer for the Mac and Windows packaging printer. If you do not have an installation disc, you can download the latest printer software from the official Hewlett Packard website.
  •     Use the power cord to connect the version of the outlet. Then turn on the printer.
  •     Choose your language and press Yes. Confirm your country and region in the next step and confirm Yes.
  •     Set the date and press Continue and also click Follow the next step.
  •     The people in the next step will ask you how you want to sign up
  •     When you try to install the printer at home or in a small company, we recommend that you select the management option and press.
  •     Carefully open the cartridge access door and insert the cartridge that has the quick print and close the access door.
  •     The printer now checks the cartridge and returns it for paper, cancels printing. Try loading, correctly loading, inserting and closing the test.
  •     Touch OK and continue with the printer to start the startup process. Now the printer checks the paper and gives a print page.

Your version now asks you to visit to download and configure the printer driver.
Install the HP printer on a computer –

You can always download the HP printer driver from or

Follow these steps to install

If you can connect your computer to the version used If you do not leave it

  •     Open your browser like Chrome. Firefox or Internet Explorer and type in URL and press Enter.
  •     Download the printer software, run the software and uninstall the application.
  •     Now Easy Hp Easy Utilities helps you to connect Print Wireless and you can register your product.
  •     View the terms and conditions and click Continue. Select Enable automatic HP wireless connection and click Continue.
  •     Now the installation program Your connector is connected and configured with the same network to which your PC is connected.
  •     Click Continue and now download and install the latest Hp utility driver.
  •     Easy Start Hp facilitates installation. Follow the included steps.
  •     Setup Scanner, fax or anything can be installed

Don’t forget to register your product and click on the installation.

You can also connect the printer to a wireless router using the Steps manual via the Interactive Printer screen.

Setup HP Printer Yourself

Respond below and let us know if you need more help installing an HP printer.

Go to Settings and Settings Click on WLAN settings and search for available networks.

Confirm your wireless router and enter your web password and connect your printer to the wireless network.

Now add your printer to your computer and start printing.
In case you are still facing HP printer installing error you can dial Hewlett Packard printer support number 1-855-567-7243 or chat with expert.

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